Knowledge Management Is The Process Of Capturing, Developing, Sharing, And Effectively Using Organisational Knowledge

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Introduction Knowledge management is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge. It refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge (Introduction to Knowledge Management. (2007, March 19). This is achieved through the promotion of creating, sharing, and applying knowledge as well as through the feeding of valuable lessons learned and best practices into corporate memory in order to foster continued organizational learning. Knowledge Management has been a core requirement of many organizational practices and mostly in gaining competitive advantage over other firms. Knowledge itself is precious but if not used properly, then…show more content…
,1999). The above methodology saves time and is cheaper compared to hiring someone to do a field research. For instance, Cisco introduced a social networking video sharing website. It also showed that employees have considerable amounts of knowledge that could be shared by using a social technology. Within six months this website attracted over 10,000 contributions and 8,000 of those contributions were work-related (Kettles,D, 2011) . The idea was that employees had the knowledge which is tacit and that needs to convert into explicit knowledge. There are several advantages such as trust within employers by sharing valuable information. This will aid in doing their task more efficiently. These sites not only allow general communication related to socializing, but also enable the management of knowledge through features like document sharing, wikis, and forums. The fact that these sites are used with such enthusiasm and that they support knowledge management suggests that they could solve the long standing challenge organizations have had with the use of knowledge management systems (Kettles,D,2011). Another good example is Lotus Notes by IBM. Lotus notes was an information bank to share knowledge among employees. A network approach refers to connecting people using tools such as online directories. The philosophy behind this approach is that once people find each other they can exchange knowledge through whatever medium (online or offline) is most effective. Both

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