Knowledge Management Process The Organization

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The process of collecting, transferring, storing and making information useful is also known as knowledge management. In this, the organization is enabled to grow, adapt to changes and meet customer demands. The information age has a most certain influence on how the organization manages knowledge. This is true of whether that knowledge is unique to the organization, or shared to external organizations. Today there are various ways to collect and compile data and turn that data into useful information; however, without the use of knowledge management, then data, information, and knowledge is lost or misused. Through the knowledge management process the organization has the ability to learn as an organization. This is
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It could also be classified as the human factor. A true keystone species in a tradition sense of the word is that these species has a greater impact on the overall functionality of the total ecosystem. Even though their presence within the operating system may be smaller than other members of the organization. However, when removed or diminished their involvement could mean the collapse of the total system. When it comes to information ecologies if there is one particular area in which the whole system is dependent upon it is that of the human factor. The people behind the system and that use the system is the most important aspect of the system. Regardless to the advances of technologies which there are many and they continue to grow almost daily; however, the key to making this technology useful is in the people. The reason why is because the technology can make any organization better, but the true determining factor in whatever that holds true is not in the technology itself. No, this can only be achieve by how the people that employ their systems operate. In information ecologies, the spotlight is not on technology, but on the human activities that are served by technology (Nardi, O’Day 1999). If part of the overall concept of information ecology is to bring value to the system, then this can only be accomplished by applying the human factor. For example, when was the last time that pure technology has brought a feeling of worth to a
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