Knowledge Management, Social Networks And Innovation. .

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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL NETWORKS AND INNOVATION ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING APPROACHES: Organisational learning is the process in which managers and employees are enabled to create new knowledge and more experience in dealing with new situations and problems in the organisation. The organisation has to deal with new problems and situations which can’t be solved by the knowledge they are using repetitively. So, the organisation finds new ways by gaining new knowledge and insights to solve the problems or handles the situations. PROCESS OF ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING 1. Knowledge Acquisition: The initial step in the organisation learning is to attain the knowledge which is the key factor in the organisation. If the organisation…show more content…
Either way, the organisation is learning as the members of the organisation will adapt new working style like leadership style, thinking process due to new knowledge. 4. Organisation Memory: It is difficult to retain every knowledge the individuals learn. The individuals can forget knowledge they learn with time as it starts diminishing after some duration of time. So, the organisation should preserve the knowledge in their memory for usage over a long-time period. The organisation can use IT tools to store the information or knowledge. APPROACHES TO ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING All the organisation expects changes in individuals whether behavioural, cognitive, or attitudinal from organisation learning. To get this transformation, the organisation should learn. Some approaches from which an organisation can learn are: MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Training is the one of the effective tool from which the people working in an organisation can learn. The idea of giving training to the management will make their thinking more similitude and restrain differences in some particular area as there are different culture, various thought process in an organisation which can create chaos. Instilling the values and philosophy and inculcating the organisation’s climate and norms are some of the examples of exposing managers to ideas and ideals they are expected to emulate and to think similarly
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