Knowledge Management Systems And The Key Players

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Knowledge management systems are an incredible asset to an organization, because they are not just a data collection repository. This unique system is multi- faceted and involves more than just technology as it is a multi-disciplinary field that encompasses theories in sociology, healthcare, and economics (Morrissey & Schoemaker, 2005). A KMS combines these theories in order to create a cohesive community within an organization in order to facilitate knowledge and address solutions to practical problems. This system increases collaboration and knowledge sharing among all staff members. Knowledge management can be applied to various fields, but there are four essential components that it contains. These components are creation of a…show more content…
Thus training is an essential component as the key players will be the ones to identify and resolve areas of improvement that they find in the knowledge management system (Pfeffer, 1998). The OSE is unique because it is a scientific organization with a public health mission. In order to meet its mission, individuals must have varying expertise, a diverse skill set, and the ability to collaborate together. The learning curve that is needed in this field is extremely steep, because workers must acquire a broad conceptual knowledge on topics outside their own field of work. Managing the myriad of drug life cycle data, new drug regulations, and staying current in the field of expertise is vital to career success, maintaining licensure, and crisis response. A KMS provides a database that allows users quick and easy access to both external and internal resources on topics of particular interest to them. This feature of the system is especially important when emergency situations arise. In these crisis times, employees must drop their current research and have access to “just in time” knowledge in order to correctly respond to crisis medicinal errors or new disease developments. Even a drug that is generally safe for the public can cause unexpected outbreaks during its time on the market. For example, an investigation conducted by the state health department confirmed that contaminated epidural injections
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