Knowledge Management Techniques

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Knowledge Management Techniques Garden Supplies Franchise directors, by insisting to know why BB produces better catalogues and mailing list on a 25 year old Amiga platform where as his staff that enjoys a 2 million dollar budget cannot match them, are self aware. This is why they intend to incorporate the plants and tools components of the stock into the greater franchise stock lines, and also convert the mailing list and distribution list into their own versions. The franchise appears to be harboring a belief that when they get a web presence for their combined catalogue will give them an edge with regard to the sale of their products. This appears to be in tandem with the checklist's requirement of understanding of organizational needs. The franchise appears to be fully aware of the aims it intends to achieve. In conducting the knowledge audit, I would focus on the kind of software that the franchise should consider using in their resolve to incorporate BB's plants and tools components of the stock into greater franchise stock lines. It is apparent that there is knowledge gap among the staff and this is evident in IT staff resentful nature when it comes to embracing new technology. Nevertheless, I would also focus on the aspects of the check list especially with regard to whether the organization's purpose is expressed in practical terms. These include its mission statement, procedures, targets, and outcome projections. There appears to be knowledge gap in the
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