Knowledge Management Within An Organization

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Knowledge management within an organization is affected by the political practices, the methods of resolving conflict, and the assignment of responsibility for outcomes. Buchanan (2008) stated in relation to a study, "Political tactics mentioned most frequently were blaming others, selective information, creating a favorable image, developing support, ingratiation, creating obligations, rewards, coercion and threats, associating with influential individuals, and forming powerful coalitions" (p. 52). Consequently, within the challenges of an organization Hislop (2013) explained that there is a relationship between authority and information which contribute to divergence and politics. In our school organization there is consistent conflict between central office, school leaders, and faculty members in regards to political processes, the resolving process of issues, and accountability practices. The core issue of our school 's challenges in regards to how the mentioned factors is the management of information by school leaders as directives are sent from central office school district officials that in some manner affect teacher 's ability to perform in the classroom. Our school is known to voluntarily be assigned by central office executives to participate in testing state initiatives without considering teacher input and the amount of content that teacher 's must cover according to their assigned curriculum timeline. The directives sent by central office seem to have not
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