Knowledge Management and Organizational Knowledge

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Nowadays, successful organizations adopted the socio-technical systems information and knowledge management has become increasingly importance to businesses. Knowledge Management process continues to enable managers and employees with valuable understanding of their business environment and knowledge to make strategic business decisions. This essay will explain data, information and knowledge as well as the socio-technical system, knowledge management, organizational knowledge and organizational learning. We will also discuss the relationship between organizational knowledge and organizational learning as well as the affect that knowledge management has on each of these concepts. However, in order to understand Knowledge Management, we…show more content…
Organizational Learning - The ability of an organization to adapt accordingly to changes identified in an environment from experience and knowledge (Argote, L. (1999). What is learned by an organization is committed to organizational memory or knowledge, which is continually updated. Socio-technical System- Organizational structure realizing and identifying the interaction between social structures and technological systems. Relationships between Organizational Knowledge and Organizational LearningThe relationship between organizational knowledge and organizational learning is one of interconnectivity. As we have already established, organizational knowledge is the produced knowledge that an organization has accumulated, disseminated and stored as a result of the knowledge management process. Organizational learning is the ability of an organization to learn from experience and knowledge in order to adapt and enable itself to increase efficiency, productivity and better decision making. These two things are very much connected to each other in what can be described as a looping process. As organizational knowledge is created and maintained through the Knowledge Management process employees and managers utilize the organizational knowledge to increase their ability to be more productive, creates innovation and ultimately increase the organizations bottom line. The data or information gleaned in an organization 's learning process, once
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