Knowledge Management and the Limits of Knowledge Codification

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Knowledge is an important element in every individuals’ lives but most importantly to businesses to succeed in today’s economy. The successfulness of knowledge is through many strategies that involve knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and knowledge management and also by using advanced IT systems through the economic growth and change (Anantatmula and Kanungo, 2010). The purpose of this report is to evaluate how successful the KM strategies are in place within Apple and to evaluate how good practices are shared. Also, the report will show how knowledge management tools are applied to achieve good practices supported by current models, theories, principles and practical examples.
Apple is a technological based
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The technologically advanced company stays ahead of its competitor’s and achieves its organisational goals and targets. Apple understands the marketing strategy by emphasising the use of knowledge management which provides them with opportunities to inherit information on management aspects. Apple uses knowledge management theories of knowledge transfer such as; tacit and explicit knowledge, which enables them to create a learning environment for workers to follow and create competitively advantaged products. Tacit knowledge can be seen as a powerful element of knowledge transfer in which organisations achieve innovative success with (Alwis and Hartmann, 2008). Therefore, Apple uses it as an advantage to generate more ideas to create new innovative products, which results as an overall success factor for the company. Apple uses the balanced scorecard to measure the performance of the company in perspective of the financial aspects, customer satisfaction, learning and growth (by training current and new employees) and internal business process (Kaplan and Norton ,1990). Using the balanced scorecard enables Apple to identify its strengths and weaknesses within the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard. It will help them analyse the areas that need improvements in order to make efficient and effective decisions.
Apple also shares knowledge through the platform of exercising BA (explicit to tacit knowledge), which is demonstrated through
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