Knowledge Management as an Organizational Tool Essay

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Knowledge Management is a tool that uses internet technologies to put large amounts of data online using a company’s intranet. This set up creates a central depository of a company’s information. This gives all employees within a company access to the vast wealth of knowledge a company has created. This knowledge can consist of many different types of information. Some examples are client knowledge, knowledge of process, knowledge in the memory of the firm, knowledge from relationships, and physical knowledge (Knowledge Management, 2007, February). A company can use this information for many purposes. The knowledge can be used for consistency, authority, empowerment, a single source of truth, or storage clarity (Musico, C. 2012, January). In addition knowledge management can provide many important benefits. Some of the benefits are: improved productivity, increased agility, advancing operational effectiveness, Enhancing innovation, and product development. Companies create, use, and access many different types of information every day. Probably the most common or most recognizable type of knowledge is physical knowledge. Physical knowledge can include many types of information. Some of this information includes blueprints, databases, print resources, and other similar types of information. Each of these pieces of information help companies consistently do their work and serve their clients. Next the knowledge of process is exactly what it sounds like. This…

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