Knowledge Management at Accenture

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Accenture is a well-known global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It was consolidated 47 country partnerships into one corporation and its headquarters in Bermuda. Accenture still remained profitable even during the period of the financial crisis between 2002 and 2003. Accenture had developed a new strategy which focusing on outsourcing and its organizational structure gradually evolved in early 2005, which includes five operating groups, 18 industry groups and eight capability groups. There are several changes of personnel at Accenture. In 2004, Bill Green took office as CEO, the Accenture’s primary decision-maker and policy maker of Accenture. Tom Barfield began to work on the learning and
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KM is significantly important for organizations in modern economic system, it is also a form of expertise management to administer and incorporate subjective information such as thoughts, insights, ideas and experiences in order to enhance individual knowledge as well as organizational value and corporate culture. (StudyMode, 1999)
According to Accenture’s case, five critical objectives for its knowledge management would be:
1) Fostering and sustaining a knowledge sharing culture
2) Improving the time to competency for new hires
3) Enabling and enhancing Accenture’s sales capability
4) Ensuring and improving the ROI for KM
5) Improving margins and delivered quality on client engagements such as outsourcing and large consulting commitments through speed to capability, use of best practices, etc.
(Accenture, n.d)
Accenture’s management has conducted a SWOT analysis to illustrate its strengths and opportunities. The further information is given in Appendix.

Primary Issue
The decentralized systems and databases created by major Accenture groups in the end of 2003. It results in a significant duplication of documents throughout the organization, which means a great deal of the same documents was stored in many different Note databases. Users have difficulty to find out required documentation and information. This could be a primary issue for Accenture to deal with. (Accenture, n.d)
The old Knowledge Management technology implementation at

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