Essay about Knowledge Management in Accenture: 1992-January 2001

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Introduction: Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, the KM focus is on obtaining and synthesizing intellectual capital to maximize decision-making and innovation across diverse functions and disparate locations, thus enabling the clients to become high-performance businesses and governments. Far more than a cluster of simple processes, the KM program is also about developing and rewarding a culture of knowledge-sharing – encouraging collaboration among their people to problem solve and build capabilities, regardless of their location. Industry Overview: Accenture’s CD organizations are responsible for designing, building and running their KM system, supported by dedicated offshore…show more content…
The Accenture business is structured around five focused operating groups (comprising of 17 industry groups). Horizontal platforms in management consulting and system integration feed innovation capabilities (Folo, 2006). Accenture makes use of the re-usable data models, centralized data repositories, and standardized processes as per the industry group viz. Chemicals & Natural Resources, ISU, Health &Public Services. The strategy relies on global surveys are research that identify the best practices of other industries, the findings of which helps establish its thought leadership and inform it services. Its partner-driven approach to sales that ensures the development of business relationship. Accenture has got strong marketing programs aimed at business customers. Its consulting base drives strength in its overall design and implementation strategy, its ‘High performance’. This strategy builds a powerful knowledge repository for Accenture to leverage. It can complement its technology expertise with quantitative data and use key findings in its go-to-market approach. It has a coherent strategy from strong thought leadership to consulting and delivery. The business models for the industries are referred to, whenever need arises. Client’s expectations are taken into account. The key areas are found out to focus on depending on the geography and past experiences. Also Accenture believes in business focus, which brings a

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