Knowledge Managment at Google Inc Essay

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1. Abstract
Knowledge asset is currently the major source of competitive advantage for firms, in the global firms it’s becoming clear that the way in which the firm utilise their knowledge assets can form a significant difference between them. At the same time its one of the major challenges for the firm to manage those knowledge assets.
The report describes the model used by a global company like Google, in exploring and managing its knowledge assets. Through a brief analysis, we will try to find out the management and process structure Google uses.

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So when a company claims that knowledge management is implemented, it’s basically claims that a strategy in place to manage knowledge and expertise. Flanagin(2002) say “the prevailing strategy to distinguish and develop technologies for the capture, storage, retrieval and dissemination of explicit knowledge.” The organisation should know how to collect the employee’s knowledge and organise it in a layout to make it easy to access by other employees, also the organisation needs to make sure that knowledge are used to benefit achieving the company goals.

2.3. Knowledge management concepts

The principle of knowledge management is knowledge itself. People often confuse Knowledge with information or data, and find them introduce information as knowledge because the classical concept of information systems is based on seeking a consensual interpretation of information based on socially laid down norms of companies. In order to reduce the confusion, there must be a distinction between information and knowledge. The below figure below demonstrate the difference.

Fig1: Data, Information and Knowledge

The figure explains how the Data is first collected, and then it’s organized to produce information. From there the information is analyzed and combined to produce a knowledge which helps in decision making.

3. Google Inc.

3.1. About

Google Inc. was founded by two Stanford university graduates named Larry

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