Knowledge Of Strengths: Course Analysis

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This course has changed my views dramatically on how to represent myself professionally. Equally important, I now have a feel for the interviewing procedure, and the preparation necessary beforehand. In the future, I will perform the research necessary to prepare for interview questions as a student and a job candidate. Additionally, I now have a keen awareness of my strengths. I now understand the importance of possessing an awareness of my strengths. Knowledge of strengths helps a candidate explain why he or she is the best choice for the position. Throughout the span of this course, my strengths and weaknesses as a candidate have become clearer to me, and I am currently striving to become a better candidate overall.
Notably, I learned the necessity of my awareness and preparation beforehand for future interview questions. My confidence and competence are reflected in my fluid ability to answer the interviewer directly and knowledgeably. Therefore, sufficient practice is necessary before a big interview. To better prepare for future interviews, I will rehearse the way I answer interview questions. Furthermore, if I am unsure of what I may be asked, I will seek professional guidance to ensure that I am readily prepared for any scenario I shall come across.
Subsequently, some strengths I
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Knowing my strengths will help me to competently articulate myself, and understanding my weaknesses will direct me towards improvement. Ultimately, what I have gathered from everything I assembled this semester, I am motivated to become a stronger candidate. Correspondingly, rehearsing, researching, and practicing will help me prepare to present myself more efficiently. Most importantly, I learned that examining my interests and how well they blend with my abilities is the cornerstone that I will use to assemble my career from what I enjoy the
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