Knowledge Of Students : Meeting Essay

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Knowledge of students: Meeting
Mrs. Shelton has been with her students for several years and understands the importance of their individual needs. She supports each student at their academic level while also paring students together so that they can learn from each other. She supports her students in developing more independence so that they will be able to spend more time in the general education classroom. She understands the importance of encouraging each student to advocate for themselves. She works on replacement behaviors that provide and support their academic success. Mrs. Shelton modifies materials to help students be successful with writing. An example would be to modify a pencil for one of her students who has difficulty in holding the pencil the proper was and to write harder. She understands the value of finding materials that are tactile to support the sensory needs of each student.

Knowledge of Content: Meeting
Mrs. Shelton selects content material that meets the needs of a variety of grade levels. She is able to find materials that are appropriate for all levels of instruction needed in her classroom. For example, a student who is working on numbers uses touch math. She understands the importance of knowing all of the IEP goals for each student and how to match to the grade level curriculum whenever possible. Mrs. Shelton uses lots of manipulatives, especially in math. Hands on activities are important for her students understanding of new concepts
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