Knowledge Workers

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TERM PAPER OBHR-633 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE WORKER – “THE EPITOME OF SUCCESS” DIVYA MISHRA PURDUE UNIVERSITY CALUMET, HAMMOND, INDIANA Abstract James Madison said that “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives”. Knowledge is power according to Sir Francis Bacon. It is the most important resource for the organizations to grow. The knowledge resides in the heads of knowledge workers. Knowledgeable workers are the most precious resource organizations possess. They are different from task workers and low skilled workers. Knowledge workers are selected, recruited and trained in a special manner than the non-knowledge…show more content…
Where there is knowledge, there is a need to manage it. To disseminate this knowledge, there is a new term “Knowledge Management (KM)”. Knowledge Management Although, throughout history, we have always managed our knowledge as best we could, it was the introduction of some new tools, methods, technologies, processes and strategies that enabled us to think, for the first time, differently about knowledge, and how to make improvements in the way we manage knowledge, as individual, team and organization. And then during the early 1990 's we started to think more about the processes of identifying, creating, storing, sharing and applying knowledge. This process of identifying and managing knowledge is called Knowledge Management. Knowledge management comprises strategies and processes designed to identify, capture, value, leverage and share an organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance and competitiveness. It is a discipline that enable individuals, teams, organizations and communities to capture, store, share and apply their knowledge more collectively and systematically, to achieve their objectives. It is a tool required to manage knowledge and transfer of knowledge within an organization. Knowledge management is not only about managing the latest technology, tool or strategy but also managing the knowledge within the company and treating it as the most valuable asset for the success of the company.
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