Knowledge and Awareness of HIV/AIDS among Women in India

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Article clearly identifies the low HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge among women of reproductive age. Researcher is motivated to reduce the number of cases and prevalence of infectious disease through awareness. While introducing the article, researcher lacked in explaining how young women are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection than young men. This could create a false impression in readers mind that without any evidence the researcher provided the conclusion that women are more Vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Researcher stated in the article that early marriage also poses special risks to young people, particularly women (Singh, 2012) but did not elaborate or provided any evidence to support this statement. Perhaps the lack of evidence and research could be considered the rationale, more information would have been helpful to justifying these statements.
Purpose Statement The purpose discussed in the research study is clear and indicative of what the research hopes to cover. The research study is about assessing HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge among women in reproductive age group between 15-45 years and its mode of transmission in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. The…
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