Knowledge is Information, Understanding, and Experience

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According to to Merriam-Webster's definition knowledge is but the “information, understanding, or the skill that you get from experience or education.” But yet what it really boils down to when we think about knowledge philosophically is can one truly know something. To do this it is important to understand what Justified True Belief is. What Gettier had to say about this and finally what There is idea of Justified true belief which Plato brings up in his dialogue Theatetus. To understand Justified true belief it is necessary to look at each word individually. Belief, to believe in something you have to know something that is to say, no doctors know how to cure Aids so no rational person has the belief of an Aids care. It is usually thought that belief refers to an diven entity but in this case belief is to say that sense no doctors have said they can cure aids no one beliefs that of now aids can be cured. So a representation of a fact, or proposition in ones mind is a belief for this use. True, so truth needs to be in Justified true belief of knowledge. If someone were to say that a building was a duck and believed that it was a duck that would not be knowledge. Even if that building was shaped like a duck. Finally it must be justified. For the doctors who work on curing aids they how there is no cure for aids now because of the work they are doing and the medicas that they use do not cure there pationalties. Even if someone were to guess that a person need type A of and
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