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Introduction An emergency operations plan for the community in which we live is a document of great importance to each of us whether we know it or not. This paper examines the emergency action plan for Knoxville, Tennessee. In the course of the examination, it will compare and analyze the plan for Knoxville with the standards set forth in the textbook for this course along with other recognized sources in the field of emergency management.
Knoxville, Tennessee
With a population of nearly one hundred and seventy nine thousand in the city and nearly eight hundred and fifty thousand in the metropolitan area, Knoxville, Tennessee is the third largest city in Tennessee. Additionally it is the county seat for Knox County. Rich in American
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The CPG 101 follows an elementary process to better understand the planning and decision making process. This provides planners the ability to produce plans that take the potential hazards and threats for a given region into account and complete a comprehensive plan. FEMA’s ultimate goal with the CPG 101 looks to standardize and simplify the process to assist EOP authors in the development of viable plans that addresses all hazards and threats.
National Incident Management System
The CPG 101 incorporates the concepts of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) into the planning guide. NIMS is the result of Homeland Security Directive Five. The directive came from President Bush February 28, 2003. The goal of NIMS was to offer a necessary foundation for emergency management to identify, prepare, respond and recover in any emergent situation. The approach and vocabulary established with NIMS remains the same nationwide to ensure consistency.
Knoxville’s Plan
At first glance, Knoxville’s EOP is a seemingly simple document but the further you read into it you quickly discover how comprehensive it is. The plan describes how local government, first responders and agencies including the American Red Cross and Salvation Army will respond. The plan also addresses these organizations roles once the transition from response to recovery occurs.
The plan continues into outlining what individual citizens need to do to prepare for a disaster. This

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