Knutson And Cauter's Loss Of Sleep

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Job loss is often unfavorable for a multitude of reasons; loss of income, status and change in self worth. As we have seen, in Ehlers, Frank and Kupfer, social change can lead a person to losing their synchronized body rhythm. These rhythms help people to wake up in the morning, set biological clocks for food consumption and digestion and help to organize time through the day. With the loss of these rhythms there is also a disturbance of the circadian cycle. If the subject does not sense there is a need for sleep to prepare the body and mind for work, they may stay up all night. There is not only a loss of daily rhythms and restorative sleep, but we have also seen that a loss of sleep promotes the slowing of the metabolism and impaired glucose tolerance, as reported by Knutson and Cauter.
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