Koç Holding's Corporate Governance

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İlke Tuatay May 10, 2017


Corporate Governance Compensation Exam II

Koç Holding’s Corporate Governance in its Website

I currently work at Koç Holding for the last 4.5 years. Over this time, I found out that despite

the perception of population about Koç Holding as a family owned company, it spends a lot

of effort to be credible for being known as a corporate. It tries to make this happen by

acquiring most talented professionals in Turkey, providing them space and patience to prove

their abilities to adding value to the business and also making an IPO to most of its

businesses so that not only Koç Family but also other companies, families and investors will

have a say on the company strategy. In addition, every IPO creates
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It gives strength to the management in order to implement their own strategies

to the companies they oversee and conduct communications with public, partners and joint

ventures. This creates a buffer zone between Koç Group executives and family and provides

the company to use this as leverage in the investor relations area by promoting it. As an

outsider for Board issues but an insider for daily operations, I can safely explain Koç Group’s

corporate governance strategy as straightforward, comprehensive and well-thought. Besides

Koç family, professionals are also very passionate about governance and they comply with

rules strictly.

In conclusion, when I was conducting the research about Koç Holding, I found out that Koç

Group has very well structured framework of committees and legal entities which audit the

Group activities compliance with the corporate governance issues. Investor relations and

corporate communications departments passionately advocate for such governance and

they communicate this in transparency and make sure that the message is sustainable. As a

result, in time, Koç Group as a Fortune Global 500 company successfully implemented world

standard corporate governance

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