Koalala Essay

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I Can’t “Bear” Mislabeling When asked to think of some animals which either live in China or Australia, responses will include the Giant Panda and the Koala. Not only do these two iconic animals look cute and cuddly, but they also represent conservation efforts and their successes. It seems unlikely that two very different animals could share anything with one another. This leads many people to believe that the equally furry and adorable Koala and Giant Panda are in no ways similar, which would be an easy assumption to make, but that is not entirely true. Koalas are often mistakenly classified as “bears”, when in fact they are far from common Grizzly and Black Bears. Koalas are an endangered species, and many of the world’s population of koala…show more content…
Koalas are known for their “teddy bear” appearance, which is a reason why they are often mistakenly called bears. Round, furry ears, a stout nose, and a stubbed tail build up the cuteness factor of these creatures. This marsupial has well adapted limbs for climbing and holding onto branches. The thumb and forefinger of a koalas front paws are opposed to the other three fingers, which helps them firmly grasp branches and tree limbs. Along with their specialized limbs comes specialized pouches within their cheeks. They use these cheek pouches to store leaves from the eucalyptus trees that these koalas call home (KOALA – NATIVE BEAR 2002). Once they reach maturity, koalas weigh 20 to 30 pounds. The coats of fur are noticeably plush and colored gray. Being a marsupial, the koala also has a somewhat hidden fold of skin, its pouch, which is where it will house its young when in cycle ( 2008). Offspring weigh approximately 0.4 ounces at birth, and cannot see. The young koalas live in their mother’s pouch and feed off of her rich milk. Male koalas in the wild will not sire more than three cubs within a season, which is only if they can beat their competition to the
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