Kobe vs Lebron

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When it comes to basketball, many people off the top of the head say Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. Many people think that Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest or they say LeBron James. Which LeBron is just not there in the way Kobe is there now. Kobe Bryant came in the game as a young one he came straight out of high school, just like LeBron James, Kobe was drafted to the charlotte hornets but was traded to the L.A Lakers. Within his first year he was known around the league as a high flyer, also winning the slam dunk contest. Just by this alone Kobe is way ahead of LeBron, but there is more to this story that just meets the eye. Kobe Bryant has set more records than LeBron, but Kobe has been in the league longer than LeBron. Kobe…show more content…
And at this rate he will make it in the nba hall of fame and still be playing in the nba. Which LeBron won’t be able to do he will be old and retired before you know it and then he will be in the hall of fame. But when it comes down to it Kobe will always be better than LeBron at everything he does. Now that LeBron has a good team that he plays with now he still is not having the best outcome. Kobe has to battle all of these teams with all these super star teams and he is over coming all of these obstacles. People will always argue about these two till the day that lebron proves that he has the right mind set to win a championship and grow up on the court. With the team he has now he should be set to win back to back championships but until he get pasted his self’s ways he will never be able to win a championship. Kobe has put in his work and showed us all that he has the right mind set to win a championship. With the facts that I have provided shows that kobe is way better than

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