Kodak And The Eastman Kodak Company

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On November the 4th of this year, after approximately three years under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy decree; Kodak finally was able to post a profit on their earning, and the company expects to fetch a year ending revenue of $2.1 - $2.3 billion dollars (Armental). After many missed opportunities that occurred under a myopic bureaucratic leadership; the Eastman Kodak Company filed for protections from their credits, and began what will be a slow journey back to financial health. But, the decent into this failure started more than thirty-five years ago, when the company failed to develop the technology that Kodak 's Research and Development had invented. In the year 1901, the Eastman Kodak Company was incorporated; the company mass-produced dry photographic plates. This new for-the-time technology would become the catalyst to a revolution in photographic technology, and for many years the company surged ahead of its rivals and commanded 80% of the photographic imaging market (Jones). But the decision makers failed to realize that digital was a disruptive technology, and this allowed more agile competitors the chance to devour Kodak 's market share. This sort of technological paradigm shift has caught many companies by surprise by "dramatically altering the very nature of competition"; and requires the company to adjust their strategy to meet this new challenge (Hill, p. 233). The reason for this seemed to be Kodak’s dependence on their traditional technology, and to the…

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