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Kodak and the Digital revolution 1. Evaluate Kodak's strategy in traditional photography. Why has the company been so successful throughout the history of the industry? Kodak is known for providing the quality services, innovative products offering the best quality to customers. It developed competitive advantages and satisfied its customers during many years. Kodak has evolved different strategies in the field of traditional photography where it brought innovations and modification. Kodak has a successful history in the industry. According to the case study, the main reason behind the success of Kodak in the industry is its quality. 2. Compare traditional photography to digital imaging. What are the main structural differences?…show more content…
Was it appropriate? It was Kodak’s’ strategy to sell the cameras at low prices, and it used to earn revenue from the films; this strategy is called the razor-blade strategy. This model for photography became flop when Sony introduced a camera with floppy disk inside, in which there wasn’t any use of films. As a result of Sony’s introduction of the Mavica in 1981, Kodak took it as a threat and started investing in the digital photography. For this purpose, it has conducted a huge research on the digital photography. As exposed by Fisher in 1997, Kodak’s respond wasn’t appropriate for the digital world: “One of the mistakes we [Kodak] have made is that we [Kodak]’ve tried to do it all. We [Kodak] do not have to pursue all aspects of the digital opportunity and service side.” 4. How would you assess the Fisher's attempt to transform Kodak? Why did it fail? Kodak hired Fisher as its CEO in 1993, so that he can bring innovations in the company, and maintain the company’s financial position. In order to bring transformation in Kodak, Fisher started introducing new technologies in the products of Kodak. In order to bring transformation, Fisher believed that innovations and development is the best way to bring advancement in Kodak. He also changed the organizational structure from vertical to horizontal integration. Though Fisher tried his best to transform the company, but he failed and could not bring modification in Kodak and then

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