Kodak Is A Shining Innovator Of Cameras

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Kodak is a very well-known company in the field of photography and slightly less known in the film industry, in its prime Kodak was a shining innovator of cameras. The company has changed a lot since its original development and has had trouble in deciding a set long term goal. Kodak took a long time to form any real means of innovation and development within the production of digital photography, initially procrastinating for about a decade before any progress was really made. Having the idea alone just wasn’t enough, companies caught on to the market and sped ahead leaving Kodak behind. All of the procrastinating and laze of innovation Kodak had was soon to be stopped with the introduction of Antonio M Perez, with a whirlwind of new ideas and the hunger to keep on keeping on and thriving that Kodak was previously lacking. The case study doesn’t have a clear point of description of the management processes, but what is clear is the lack of strategic planning which is crucial for a company and in turn has left Kodak without a clear path to follow and not having clear, achievable goals and objectives for the future.
A lack of strategic planning has left Kodak extremely vulnerable when it comes to the ever-changing business environments. (Kumpt, William A. 2004) define strategic planning as ‘developing a structured scheme or method for effectively achieving a specific goal or objective’ they further elaborate with a 5 step process to develop and implement a

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