Kodak: Marketing Plan for New Products

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Marketing Plan for Two Newly Introduced Products

Submitted by: Prashant Kumar Dubey

Executive Summary

This report gives an environmental appraisal for the Kodak, UK. PLEEST tool has been adopted to do the environmental analysis. After the analysis, two new products have been introduced aiming to increase the market share of Kodak in the United Kingdom. Target segment has been selected and justification given for the choice for both the products. A detailed marketing plan consisting of details of the product and recommendations for the R&D, pricing, distribution and promotions strategies has been developed. An organization structure for the team handling
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Strategies guide a business to a sustainable future. (Bob De Wit and Ron Meyer, 2005). To decide strategies it is important to know the environment around the organization which can have an impact on the business in some way. Strategies are for the future and horizon scanning is done to predict the future environmental conditions, as accurately as possible, based on available information.

In this report PLEEST (Political, Legal, Economic, Environmental, Social and Technological) approach has been adopted to do the horizon scanning for Kodak Company to choose apt marketing strategies.


Different parties that form governments have different public and industrial policies. As government changes the rules change which may have long or short term effects on

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