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In my March 6 memo, I discussed the need for Kodak to revamp its core strategy and regain popularity. Eastman Kodak has been the leader of photography and printing products for nearly 130 years. Over the last few years Kodak has been in distress due to its poor fundamental shift into the digital age. Lack of strategic creativity led Kodak to misunderstand the industry in which it was operating. This lack of strategic creativity was costly for Kodak.

This memo will explore the options I briefly discussed in the previous memo, in order to find a solution to this problem. Each option will be assessed based on the same criteria. The options to consider are:

* Hire a new CEO- new bolder leadership * Enter into a new aggressive
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These profits can be achieved through tracking consumer needs and maintaining efficiency within the value chain.
The option can revamp its line of attack to surpass current expectations. Though this option has a high level of risk, if successful, would implement a drastic change to Kodak’s strategy and overall performance for the good of company leaders, employees, and stakeholders. The new CEO will be evaluated after one year by leaders, employees, and stakeholders.
Option 2: Enter into a new aggressive market
Kodak currently has no position within the ink market. The ink business is a $45 billion a year sector that could regenerate Kodak’s position in the printing sector. The market for ink is dominated by HP, followed by Epson, Canon, and Lexmark. Entering a complete new market may be beneficial in its current position. According to Kodak, the greatest obstacle to printing at home is the cost of ink and supplies. Kodak can develop a cost efficient solution that will be more appealing to consumers. With the launch of this product, Kodak must focus on several sectors of business: marketing, pricing, distribution, and production. Onesource (2011). * Marketing- Kodak is the world’s foremost imaging innovator. Its reputation in the film printing business is dominant. Introducing a new line of cost efficient printer ink will be effective and popular. Kodak’s target market will include anyone with a household printer. Kodak’s goal will focus
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