Kodak Strategic Plan

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Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Eastman Kodak | For Terry Bell, VP of Strategy, Eastman Kodak Company |

Executive Summary
This report’s objective is to create a comprehensive strategic plan for Eastman Kodak. An assessment of Kodak’s value and mission will assist in understanding the overall strategy and operation of the company. The development of strategic objectives is based on a review of the company’s competitive environment and an analysis of its core business functions. This report will also give recommendations on how Kodak can use its resources to create capabilities that will push its competitive advantage and realign its organizational structure and management systems.
Mission and Values
Kodak's core values are,
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The Graphic communications segment accounts for 45% of group reviews in 2011. The company has seen a downfall in its consumer digital imaging group from 34.4% in 2009 to 29% of group revenues in 2011. This segment of the business can be seen as hurting the competitive advantage for the company in the long run (Annual Report, 2011).
Kodak is a well-recognized brand worldwide. This respected brand image will enhance Kodak’s ability to introduce new products to consumers especially in a market where technological change creates barriers and uncertainty to them. Kodak’s unclear focus on digital images and traditional photography cripples its development of consumer electronics companies. This unclear focus caused Kodak to have several years of unprofitability and eventually it was forced to file a chapter 11 earlier this year.
With technology, Kodak has one of the world’s biggest research efforts in imaging Kodak believes that consumers would still want to have print out copies of their photo images. As a result, those traditional capacities are relevant to the new world of digital imaging regardless of the fact that digital images replace most of traditional photography. “As of January 1, 2012 the company has two reportable segments: the Commercial Segment and the Consumer Segment” (technews.com). The commercial segment serves a variety of customers in the creative, data
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