Kogi Tribe Essay

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In studying the indigenous Kogi tribe there are many questions that I found compelled to answer in order to understand these people and their beliefs. I believe it is important that we understand these peoples authenticity, their understanding of the world, their fears and concerns about the environment, and if these people are qualified to judge our behavior. Also, I contemplated why their area as the heart of the world, what their fears are, what their concerns are, and what the basis of their value system. What makes these people authentic? After research I found that several factors add to these peoples authenticity. First of all, their backgrounds show a great deal why they are authentic. Over…show more content…
I do believe their fears and concerns are real and should be taken seriously. They fear the destruction of our planet, which is a common concern of the modern public today. Most people understand that modern lifestyle could be improved by other means then harming the environment or any things habitat. Along with planet itself, the Kogi are also worried about the rain forests and our treatment of them. This is another problem that the modern public has found as a problem area in our world. As we know the rain forests inhabit some of the worlds most diverse life. The area the Kogi inhabit has some of the most endangered tropical rain forests in the entire world. The question later shows itself: are these people even at all qualified to judge our way of life. There is no way to know the exact answer to the question, but all these people know is their beliefs and what they see themselves . They see first handed the destruction around their habitat and how the earth is being harmed by our actions. Everyday we industrialize the world more, and the Kogi are seeing the effects of it. Also, their beliefs directly relate to the worship of mother nature and the respect nature deserves. The Kogi tribe sees our way of living as disrespect to mother nature. Qualified or not, the Kogi understand our lifestyle as a harmful one.
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