Kohlberg 's Levels Of Morality

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Kohlberg’s levels of morality contain three levels. I feel that I normally operate at the quality-of-life management/post-conventional morality level. Here, the ethical climate of the organization is to do what is right, over and above self-interest and apart from the influence of others. With this climate, ethical conduct is based on the highest moral principles (Curtis & Manning, 2005, p.126). I believe that your morals and how you treat others defines the kind of character you have. Being trustworthy, honest, and always upholding the utmost integrity are important qualities in a human being, and especially in an employee within an organization. Moreover, I believe in putting others before you. Making other people’s needs a priority in life is the true act of paying it forward. Acting in a selfless manner will not only make other people feel happy, but it will make you feel happy as well. When you are an active participant in helping others, you are making the world a better place. At least, that is how I feel when I take part in helping others. In my opinion, a person who strives in doing the right thing in every circumstance is what I consider to be a decent human being. No matter what, I always try to do what I consider morally right. My morals and ethics are of main importance to me and I will not change or alter my morals/ethics for anyone. They are a very important part of who I am as a person. Furthermore, I can state several examples where I have behaved in
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