Kohlberg 's Theory Of Moral Development

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Lawrence Kohlberg is the author of a three-level theory that is based on moral development; it includes two stages per level that are very specific to that individual level. Kohlberg 's theory blossomed from the theory of Jean piaget 's, in which he continued his work. The three levels of Kohlberg’s Theory are the preconventional level, conventional level, and post conventional level. The three levels are put in this order based on the ages that are expected to be in each level. Although it is believed that the age affects the level they are in; it is possible for an age group to be in a different level of moral development. Kohlberg’s theory was not a walk in the park; in fact, Kohlberg spent his life on producing his theory: “Kohlberg…show more content…
The first of the two stages of level one is punishment and obedience; this stage is simply based on consequences of the actions of an individual. An example of this stage would be: Jimmy does not eat the last candy in the jar because his mom will get mad at him if he does. Mutual benefit is the second stage of the preconventional level where the moral reasoning of an individual is “based upon morals that are considered “fair” by that individual”(Google Slides Presentation). The following is an example of this stage: Scout beat up Walter because he made her look dumb in front of the class. Generally these first two stages are expected of children 10 and under. That is the case the majority of the time and is especially true in the case of Jem. The second level is the conventional level in which the “citizen’s primary concern is to fit in and play the role of a good citizen by following all the rules and laws”(Presentation). In this level the third and fourth stages of Kohlberg’s theory are incorporated. The third overall and first stage of level 2 is the interpersonal stage- when a person 's moral reasoning is based upon living up to the expectations of someone else. Example: Jem does not pick a fight with another kid because Atticus expects him to be the bigger person and walk away. The fourth stage is law and order where the individual “resists personal pressure and follows the laws of the larger society”(Presentation). What fourth stage pretty much is, is when the
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