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KOLB MODEL ESSAY Tata Motors’ Singur Case (Nano Controversy) Introduction I have taken the case on Tata Motors Ltd. The case was all about on the Tata Nano Singur Controversy. This controversy refers to the Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur in Hooghly district in West Bengal, India. Since Tata Motors Started constructing the factory over there in Singur, the small place comes into the media worldwide. Tata Motors started this factory to manufacture 25000 cars firstly. The plans of Tata Motors were that Nano will come out from the factory by 2008 for rolling out the roads. Tata Motors Ltd. is the largest Indian automobile company having the revenues of USD 20 billion in 2009-10. Tata Motors is the leader in the manufacturing of commercial…show more content…
Here comes the issue whether land acquire though under the two different section of land acquisition act 1894, it got directed towards the farmers who receive the compensation from the government. After messing with government, finally Tata got the approval for the plant on March, 07. The government signed an agreement to lease the 949.5 acres to the Tata Motors for 90 years. After some time, government felt that an advocate made some mistakes and the same case got filed again, government found that only 30% of the farmers signed willingly and yet other people do not want. The state government admitted that Till April 25, 07 only Rs. 90.35 crores have distributed and rest the people are left undistributed the money where as their land had already acquired. In the meanwhile the Nano got unveiled in Delhi’s pragati Maidan on Jan10, 08. On Jan 18, 10, Calcutta High Court sealed the land acquisition in Singur and asked the Tata to roll out the Nano without completing the project. The Chief Justice dismiss the all the 11petitions filed by the Tata. Tata has not paid the people which are CPI(M) supported. Now there are cpnditions got critical and Ratan Tata decide to roll out the project from the Singur on Oct 3, 08 due to worried about the safety concern of the Mangers and their families over there. Implications on Stakeholders The stakeholder impacts the case a lot from the point of view of their different place
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