Kollooon Dairy Case Study

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Part 1: History and information of the company
維記⽜牛奶 (The Kowloon Dairy Ltd.)
The Kowloon dairy Limited (stylized as Kowloon Dairy) is a local dairy company with headquarter in Hong Kong. It innovates and produces different type of products from fresh milk into a variety of recombined milk drinks, including Hi-Calcium milk, skimmed milk and different flavored milk, novelty Mochi Ice and specialty ice-cream products. Moreover, it specializes in the supply of coffee creamer, soft ice-cream mix, shake mix and dipping ice- cream for institutional use.
Kowloon Dairy was founded by Mr George Ahwee and Mr. Rudy Choy co-founded “Kowloon Dairy” in 1940. At the beginning , the company was run by a very slim labour force of 30 employees and produced only
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The Kowloon Dairy (GZ) Ltd. Through the affiliate, the company are now supplying quality milk products and services to the provinces in South China region, as far as Fujian, Hainandao, Yunnan and Haerbin.
Nowadays, Kowloon Dairy become a company of almost 500 employees and its distribution network reaches almost all corners of Hong Kong and Macau. Its production lines run daily to render the freshest produce for its customers to secure the leading position in the industry and has been the best-selling Pasteurised milk for 12 consecutive
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Product reliability: Kowloon Dairy to become the first local dairy company to obtain the certification of HACCP Food Safety Management from BSI in January 2007 to provide that the reliability of the product.
In terms of pricing, Kowloon Dairy has performed quite good, keep a reasonable and affordable price in the market.
Brand Imagery
History, heritage and experience: With the help of its famous slogan “好味就係維 記“(Kowloon Dairy is the tastiest milk) and strong associated marketing, Kowloon Dairy has wormed its way into consumers’ minds as the freshest milk over 70 years.
User profiles & purchase and usage situation: Today, adults and children connect to Kowloon Dairy when they want to have a beverage in the morning, so they will have a regular purchases.
Brand Judgement
Quality: Kowloon Dairy is a well-loved brand with consumers judging it to deliver good quality at affordable prices.
Consideration: Its fresh vibes and strong associations with nutritional supplement with drinking a milk, make it relevant to consumers living in a society with the bad eating habit(for adults) or growth in health (for children)

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