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From Goldstein’s review, she mentions, “Komunyakaa has spoken interviews about how these poems have Iraq as their reference point (Goldstein1368)” to give a connection on how Komunyakaa “helps us make sense of the present (1368)” by using historical context references. Throughout a sonnet in ‘Love in the Time of War’, and two poems from ‘Heavy Metal’, they demonstrates and uses historic references that helps the readers to relate to the present.
“Tribe. Clan. Valley & riverbank. Country. Continent. Interstellar (Komunyakaa10)” gives fragments of war related terms. Goldstein argues, “ [these words are] in no particular order (1369)”, which is not true in the first stanza because “Tribe. Clan…Country. Continent…/ Squad. Platoon. Company. Battalion… (10)” seems to be in a “particular order”; to be more precise, squad, platoon, company, battalion is from a small group to a larger group. Addition to the first stanza, “… Esprit de corps…”(10) from Goldstein’s point of view “ is transfigured into the boldly force of sexuality…” (1369). In the second stanza of this sonnet, Komunyakaa writes “… Sometimes I hold you like Archilles’ shield…”
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As a background reference, “In the Illiad the shield of Archilles is decorated with images that figure the pastoral values at the heart of the warrior’s
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