Kong Skull Island Essay

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Kong: Skull Island is a character driven, monster smashing thrill ride that’s visually stunning and just a hell of a lot of fun.


The film is set in 1973 just as the Vietnam war is coming to an abrupt end. A team of scientists (John Goodman, Corey Hawkins, and Jing Tian) is heading to an uncharted island to participate in a geological survey. To accomplish this task they bring in a team lead by a former soldier (Tom Hiddleston), a photographer (Brie Larson) and the commander of a chopper unit (Samuel L. Jackson). There seems to be this sense that the mission should be relatively easy and most of the crew begins to lets their guard down. It’s at that moment when all hell breaks lose.

Kong: Skull Island

What Worked

The cinematography
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He didn't strike me as a Vietnam veteran who has lost most of his men, but he struck me as someone who is playing a caricature of himself. I half expected to hear him start spouting lines from Snakes On A Plane during the film.

At one point during the second act of the movie, the narrative begins to lose it's steam slightly when we get caught up in John C Riley's predicament (him stranded for so long) and get into the origin of the natives on the island. I felt we already touched on his character's issue and quite frankly they could have quickly eliminated the natives altogether from the film.

Final Thoughts

Some critics are already licking their chops to take shots at this movie. I've heard everything from Kong: Skull Island is hollow to it's lacking substance. What exactly were they expecting? Did they want Kong: Skull Island to have the same depth as Moonlight or La La Land? To judge this by any other measure than it was a monster movie is ridiculous. This film is an exhilarating experience for all moviegoers and will provide an escape from the onslaught of divisive headlines that seem to be a mainstay in the news. Sometimes an escape isn't a bad
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