Konstantinos Panagaris

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The Greek Civil War Was Caused by an Economic and political crisis after the Second World war and ran from 1946-1949. Because of The war, many greeks Migrated to Australia seeking a better life. Over 160000 migrants came to Australia after WW2. The person I’ll be telling you about is Konstantinos Panagaris.

Konstantinos Panagaris was born on 5.11.1944 in Pyrgos Greece. He had 9 siblings and lost 3 in the war. His family stayed on a 17-acre farm. Konstantinos had a Happy childhood. His parents considered Migrating to Australia but Assisted migration wouldn't allow them to bring 7 children so Konstantinos offered to stay in Greece. Konstantinos family boarded a ship to Australia while he stayed with family friends near Athens. Once he was 11
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