Koopa Troopa's Cabin

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As I jump off the pontoon, I feel the freezing water surround my body. I'll slip on the boots of the skis and grab the handlebar. Releasing my grip, I put one thumb up into the wind to signal I’m ready to go. Suddenly there is a tug on the rope, and I’m being dragged through the water. Pressing the skis against the cold water, I can finally stand up above the waves. The boat pulls me around the bend of the lake, and the view of all the enormous cabins is thrilling. The seniors on the campground beach will clap and stand up from their Adirondack chairs to wave or whistle. As my legs begin to feel tired, I wave one last time and let go of the handlebar. I can feel my body quickly sink down into the water; the life jacket on my chest will be…show more content…
From discovering turtle nests, cliff jumping, to the daily wind down it was a blast. After catching two baby turtles, Stuart and I made sand castles for them to live in and brought food for them to eat. Koopa Troopa and Shelly were our very own turtles. We eventually had to let them go and release them into the lake. At this point my seven-year old self was probably very emotional and probably cried. Once my turtle phase was over, we often times went cliff jumping. A few miles down the lake was a group of cliffs that we would jump off fairly often. The feeling of falling from the rock and splashing into the water was so fulfilling and invigorating. Since running up and down the cliffs was relatively tiring, we eventually would take the pontoon back to our dock and unload all of our belongings. When the day would come to an end, our entire family would cozy up around the TV and watch The Wilderness Family movies. Most of us would fall asleep on the couch and wake up when the sun shone through the huge glass windows that surround us. By then the weekend was over, and it was time to go…show more content…
Even though we sadly cannot visit Prairie Lake anymore, it will always be my favorite paradise. Sharing my love for one of God's gorgeous creations doesn't even compare to the beauty from a naked
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