Kopi Luwak Essay

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What is kopi Luwak?
Kopi Luwak is popularly referred to as a specialty of Indonesia. The name “Kopi Luwak” originated from the Indonesian. The Kopi means coffee and Luwak means civet, it is also known as civet coffee.
Surprisingly, most of the people involved in the history of the coffee production, could not afford to enjoy coffee in the past, until this unintended and incredible discovery came along.
During that time, Indonesia was a Dutch colony, and the nation’s workers were in charge of the coffee plantation. Also, the workers are restricted from harvesting coffee beans for their private uses. Instead of accepting their fate on their favorite beverage, the workers discovered great opportunities in the most challenging situations. They
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Today, the “civet coffee” is being produced in other Asia South-Eastern nations like Vietnam, Philippines and Laos, because of the high demand for the beverage by customers in the west and different regions. Due to the high price, many producers tend to manufacture fake coffee products similar to Kopi Luwak, or cheap coffee products made from the blend of actual kopi Luwak with low-quality beans.
Under those circumstances, a lot of civet cats experience the terrible condition in the cages that are dirty and empty. As a result of this, animals are doomed to eat beans and live in a small space of 2 by 1.5 meters of cement floor” instead of staying in the natural environment as the producers advertise.
Also, the signs of animal unkindness have also been discovered during the production period, when the wild animal’s diet and life pattern are forced to change for commercial purposes of humans, and the animals were not able to climb the cages because there is limited space to do that. Because of this, kopi Luwak production and utilization must be strictly controlled by the local governments and responsible organizations to prevent the extinction of wild civet cats.
What is the destiny of this unusual
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