Koranic Laws Give Any Of Emancipation For Women

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Koranic laws give possibility of emancipation for women in the society. But if many Muslim women have a role in many Islamic societies, where religion is the most formidable barrier to the liberation of the spirit, the adequacy of discernment and freedom of expression it is because they struggle to obtain it.
Your rights as a Muslim woman The right of the woman as a human being. "Women are human sisters." The Qur 'an and Sunnah emphasize humanity and repute of its nature, on par with that of man. The right to life is a sacred right that Islam has ruled in favor of humans, including, of course for the woman. The right to hardware support, breastfeeding, custody of children and education. One of the principles of Islam is to give due importance to the newborn, boy or girl. The father is required to guarantee his children their livelihood dice). The right of education. Knowledge occupies a prominent place among the principles of Islam. It is an obligation for every Muslim and Muslim learn and know "[...] God will exalt those of you who believe and those who have been granted knowledge [...]" Qur 'an 58/11. Thus, the education and instruction of women are of paramount importance, since it gives birth, protects and educates men and women who constitute the society of tomorrow, it is the first school where child receives the first elements of life and acquires the first lessons in morality. The right to choose her husband. Freedom and dignity have been one of

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