Kore The Fastest Internet System

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Korea has the fastest internet system in the world. South Korean culture has evolved throughout the years after the Korean War. It is one of the fastest growing nations in the world after a severe hit back in the 1900s. Many people believe that Korea is still struggling as a third world nation. Additionally, people also see South Korea as a part of Communist North Korea. Throughout history, people viewed South Korea as a weak country that lost its power and control from Japan, China, and the Soviet Union. However, Korea has developed a fast growing economy through many transformations and with a strong work force. They value education and their family which is a motivation to work harder to support them. The use of documentaries, films,…show more content…
This quote explains how General Douglas MacArthur felt that Korea would never return to a balanced and stable state. However, the following quote suggests, “Korea has gone through an amazingly rapid and successful technological transformation. This is fabulous” (KoreaFoundation). The quote shows the fast growth and transformation Korea has gone through. It describes how Korea reached an astounding success after its many downfalls.
Subsequently, the second source is scholarly journals which help people visualize what the article is talking about through data tables, graphs, and descriptive texts. It allows people to look further into accurate data. Scholarly journals are written by researchers or experts so it is accurate rather than journals written by reporters or journalists. It is a trustworthy journal to reference to. Through scholarly journals, the audience is able to learn how South Korea had expanded their empire from nothing. As one of the scholarly articles, Hybridity and the Rise of Popular Korean Culture, quotes, “As well as leading the broadband world with the highest penetration rate of over 75%, the“Korean Wave” is also taking various cultural penetration modes which make significant contributions to the nation’s reported US$650 million cultural export in 2003.” (Choi 1). The Korean wave is a phrase that described the speed of fast growing popularity in Korean culture and popularity.
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