Korea, A Land Of Secrets And Silence

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Just 35 miles away from the busy metropolitan city of seoul lies the enigmatic North Korea, a land of secrets and silence. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a nation that has lost its time. The nation is governed in authoritarian dictatorship with strict restrictions like those countries millenniums ago. The state refuses itself to open up to the rest of the world. Anything that connects people in the U.S would be no use. As a result, North Korean citizens don’t know anything about the events happening around in the world. The only information they can acquire is ones from the government which states that “DPRK is the best country in the world” and “honor the supreme Kim family”. Most citizens don’t know that their country is…show more content…
Some came on jaw-dropping methods like using the a fighter jet to fly to South Korea(Democratic People 's Republic 2). Defectors in the 1960s had one thing in common, they were not ordinary citizens. At that time, it was impossible for ordinary citizens of DPRK to consider defecting due to lack of information and their loyalty to the state.. Defectors before Hwang came were revered as heroes who abandoned tyrannical North Korea and were granted with benefits that helped them settle in South Korea. However, as of 2017, defectors are no longer treated as heroes due to staggering number of them entering in the 21st century. It is considered common for North Koreans to consider risking their lives to enter South Korea. Analysts identify there are three major reason why there is a mass defection from North Korea: poverty, Korean wave and fear. The principal reason why there are so many people risking their lives and escaping North Korea is hunger. The totalitarian regime is known for poor management of the famine within the country. World Health Organization estimated that between one million and one million and six hundred thousand died from malnutrition during years between 1995 and 1998 (Heather 26) . Food shortage was caused by several floods and drought and fall of the important trading partner, the Soviet Union. Due to this crisis, the government halted their public distribution program. Communist countries are known for their public distribution

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