Korean American Immigrants Essay

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Korean American Immigrants Before the World War II era, the smallest Asian community to settle in the

United States of America was the Korean American community. Between 1903 and

1905, immigration records show some seven thousand Koreans migrated to Hawaii.

Hawaii had been annexed to the United States in 1898 and organized as a territory in

1900 A fraction of those immigrants came to the mainland. After 1905, sizable.

Korean emigration was all but stopped by Japanese overlords. Tens of thousands of

Koreans then went or were brought to Japan, but their descendants are still not

granted citizenship and other human rights.

The early Korean American community differed from the other Asian
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It was early afternoon in New York,

high noon on the West Coast, and four o'clock in the morning in faraway Korea.

The summer monsoons had just begun, and heavy rains were falling, when the North

Korean army of seventy thousand men, forty miles of big guns, and Russian T34

tanks crossed the thirty-eighth parallel. Sheet after sheet of flames erupted, and North

Korean planes filled the air toward Seoul, less than fifty miles away. As General

MacArthur would later state, "North Korea struck like a cobra" that wet morning

of June 25, 1950. The Korean Peoples' Army(KPA) and the North Korean Army

captured Seoul on Wednesday, June 29th, 1950.

Russian diplomats had been boycotting the United Nations Security Council

meetings, because the United Nations had not admitted Red China. Because of that

boycott, President Harry Truman was successful in his appeal to the United

Nations for "police action". For the first time in history, on Sunday, July 3, l950, an

international organization voted to intervene against aggression.("The Glory and the

Dream" William Manchester, pages 532, 533, 535)

American ground forces successfully landed on Inchon September 15, 1950, and

the United Nations forces began to gain the offensive. They retook Seoul, crossed the

thirty-eighth parallel and broke through the Pusan perimeter by September 30th. KPA

forces began
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