Korean Comfort Women Essay

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Annotated Sources
Topic: Military Sexual Slavery by Japan
1. Keith Howard, ed., True Stories of the Korean Comfort Women (New York: Cassell, 1995), 95-123. This chapter presents about the true testimonies and stories of the Korean comfort women.
2. Kim, Hyun Sook. “History and memory: The “comfort women” controversy.” Positions 5, no.1 (1997): 73-108. This journal presents about comfort women controversy in the official history of Korea.
3. Min, Pyong Gap. “Korean “comfort women” The Intersection of Colonial Power, Gender, and Class.” Gender and Society 17 (2003): 938-957. This journal analyzes the Korean comfort women about the gender perspective and colonial power.
4. The Truth of the Japanese Military Comfort Women (Seoul: Northeast
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