Korean Immigrant Women In The United States: A Literature Review

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The article selected is called “Domestic Violence and Risks Factors among Korean Immigrants Women in the United States.” Domestic violence is a social issue that affects individual regardless their nationality and can have terrible consequences often leading to death. Therefore, I chose this article because I believe it is important that society pays more attention to this issue before the number of victims continues to increase. This article is favorable to society because it provides knowledge about a specific population that is highly affected by domestic violence, and it has not been study deeply yet. This article addresses clearly the issue of domestic violence among Korean immigrant women in the United States. The researcher organized…show more content…
Despite the few amount of articles that explore this issue, the information mentioned in the literature review is highly related to the study presented. It provides statistics that show how relevant is the information to our society. Some background information provided in the literature review is that “Korean immigrant women are the majority of the violence victim cases in the Asian American battered women’s shelter of Los Angeles...Asian American women are the least likely to formally report any kind of physical abuse.”(Lee, 2017, p.142). Also, the variables that the author found in previous articles, those were the same ones he used to conduct his own research such as, stressful situations, alcohol use and childhood exposure to violence. The literature review contributes to the analysis of this specific issue because it does not just enumerate the previous findings, but it also provides a discussion. For example, in regards of the stress events, it mentions that one particular stressful situation is the process of immigration and the adjustment to a new culture. All this information is meaningful because it guides the reader in order to have a better idea and understanding of what is the situation of the Korean immigrant women in the United States in relation to the issue of domestic…show more content…
Stress was measured using a new scale based on the literature on the acculturation process of Korean immigrants in the United. Alcohol use by a male partner was measured by The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test and Domestic Violence was measured using the revised version of the Conflict Tactics Scales. The measurements instruments were reliable and valid because they were created to address the specific variable that were tested in the study. To support this statement, the researcher stated that since standardized stress measurements did not adequately capture the immigration stress that Korean immigrants experience, he used a new scale based on the information already found about Korean immigrants women in the United States (Lee, 2017, 144). The researcher contacted approximately two hundred and fifty Korean immigrant women; however, some women decided not to participate when violence issues came up and even though the researcher promised confidentiality, the participants decided not to participate. The data was collected using a sucessful questionnaire that covered all the variables, and it was done both individually and in
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