South Korean Immigrants In The Twentieth Century

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South Koreans were one of the last immigrant groups to arrive in the United States in relation to other East Asian immigrants in the twentieth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a few thousand South Korean laborers were recruited to work on Hawaiian sugar plantations. However, this immigration was curtailed by the Japanese government, who controlled South Korea at the time (Choe, Kim, et al 2003). More South Korean immigrants started to arrive in significant numbers during the 1950s, with the presence of Americans during the Korean War. This influenced the rise in migration, as military brides, adoptees, and students came back to the United States once the war ended (NAKA 2003).

A few decades later, the number of entries
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Following the network theory, migrants have historically been drawn to California because of its established communities. Within these cities, Koreans have established rich co-ethnic communities, commonly known as Koreatowns (Choe, Kim, et al 2003). These networks have attracted new Korean immigrants because the transition into American life is easier, all while preserving the language and heritage. Increasingly however, Asians are moving out of the West and more into the South (US Census 2012). As Korean Americans become more integrated into American culture and society, it easier to make this transition. Because the immigrant populations have exploded and has probably cause more competition, these push factors encourage immigrants to venture into new areas that have not been exploited. Korean American immigrants initially arrived to the United States in hopes for economic opportunity and success. They worked hard in a foreign land with little knowledge of the culture or language through demeaning and humiliating jobs. Many immigrated in hopes of the American dream that they never truly experienced firsthand. Instead, they stayed in the United States and continue to live vicariously through the achievements of their children and future
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