Korean, Korean And South Korea Essay

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“Korean is one of the world 's oldest living languages, and its origins are as obscure as the origin of the Korean people.” (Hallen) Since it’s origins, the Korean language has been puzzling to westerners unfamiliar with this literally foreign language. Most Americans are familiar with Korea and it’s divide because of the Korean war in the 1950’s, yet their culture and language are not as acknowledged as they should be. Although Korean is only an official language in North and South Korea, people speak it all over the world. To unlock the mystery of Korean, it is necessary to look not only at it’s geographic and social elements, but also the structure of the language, including its alphabet and numerical system, and in doing so myself I was able to gain a new respect for the language. As mentioned above, Korean is primarily spoken in North and South Korea with 72 million people, however it expands far beyond it’s tiny peninsula. In China, two million people speak Korean as their fist language and 700,000 people in Japan. This is logical considering Korea sits right between the two nations. This also explains the heavy influence both nations have on the language. Other nations where Korean is spoken as a first language include the United States with two million speakers, and the Russian regions of Kazhstan and Uzbekistan with 500,000 speakers. (Korean Language History) In the United States, Korean is the third most spoken language in Virginia and Georgia. (Wideopencountry)
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