Korean Language Essay

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Olivia Sung-eun Nam
Art Ed 367.01
Cultural Identity Narrative
< Fried Kim-chi>
There are some images associated with Korean food, but the most well- known Korean food is absolutely Kim-chi. Kim-chi is a traditional fermented Korean food. According to the Health Magazine, Kim-chi is one of the top 5 healthiest foods in the world. It has full of Vitamins A, B and C. But since it is a fermented food, its biggest benefit is their healthy bacteria which are called lactobacilli.( So, Kim-chi by itself is just a pack of lots of good stuff and we can see our ancestor’s wisdom of keeping their body healthy from food. From the early stage that Korea has been settled down, Kim-chi has been served on Koreans’
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So, if I make the fried Kim-chi with the Kim-chi from a market, it is just not tasty as much as the one that my mom made. Yet, however the taste of it, every time I eat Kim-chi, it reminds me of my mom’s caring for me and the fact that I am Korean. Because when she tried to make me eat Kim-chi, she always used to say like ‘oh, Koreans should eat Kim-chi.’ By that time, however, what she said did not really come across my mind. Since all the people around me were Korean, I did not really know what being Korea means. But now I am in America, and being ‘Korean’ becomes one of the unique characteristics that represent me.
Another reason why I pick specifically fried Kim-chi instead of raw Kim-chi is because of its similar characteristics as mine. Fried Kim-chi and I share similar contents in some ways. Fried Kim-chi is a transitional version of raw Kim-chi. We can also say it has been a little bit westernized since people put butter, cheese or whatsoever in it. For me, I have the similar characteristic as it is since I have been living in western country for several years, and so have been mixed with Korean culture and western culture at the same time.
The Last point that why Kim-chi represents my cultural identity is because it is a side menu. Yes, Kim-chi is a side menu, not a main menu mostly. However even if it is a side menu, it is definitely a must have dish for Koreans when they have meals. To talk about the America’s Society for a little bit,
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