Korean Military Brides: Memory Of Forgotten War

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1. A) Korean military brides faced a lot of problems marrying the U.S. service man both in the United States and in Korea. Many Korean citizens had bad impressions on U.S. service man because they killed a lot of innocent Korean people without getting any punishments. So when many young Korean women were going to marry U.S. service man, there were a lot of public criticisms in Korea. Before going to the United States, military brides need to learn how to prepare American food and other American customs. Many of the young military brides were former camp-town prostitutes with little or no education. Compared to their husband, they had higher education and usually older. After moving back to the United States with their husband, they “experienced cultural shock”, racism, and also language barriers (Lee, Lee, p.460). Besides these problems, Korean wives also…show more content…
In the film, there are bombing campaigns everyday, separation between families, and everyday struggles people faced. I really enjoyed how each Korean American Survivors of the war expressed their feeling of the war. I can create the image of the life they encountered during the war in my mind when I heard their stories. How they separate from their family and some of the family members are force to go to North Korea in order to help for the war. I can clearly remember the image shown in the film about people walking on the road in order to get to a safe place. The image and sound provided by the film were really strong and convincing. The limitation of the film was that the length was only about one hours, it is very hard to understand the true feeling of those four Korean American survivors true feeling about the Korean War and it was hard to understand the entire story without any knowledge of the war ahead of
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