Korean Pop

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“Korea had become trendy because it provided what the youth wanted throughout the region. The phenomenon can be partially explained by noting how Korean popular culture catapulted forward during the 1990s, leaving much of Asia behind as it abandoned conservatism and censorship, diversifying, appropriating, absorbing and innovating. In its fusions, it created an Asian equivalent of European and American pop. Japanese pop, of course, had long had this function throughout the region, but the 1990s was a time for re-examining the Pacific War’s legacy, and Korea offered a less-tainted alternative to Japan.” - Keith Howard Background of the Study The global world widely perceives modern mass media. With the recent technology…show more content…
Fandoms are usually implied to be those crazy, raving fans, mostly female ones, who always stalk (in Korean pop vocabulary, *spazz) their Korean pop idols. They are usually thought of as obsessive, brainless and foolish people. People who criticize them just do not know how passionate these fandoms are. Although they are known for showing their support through watching their Korean pop idols and buying Korean pop merchandise, they go beyond than that; these fandoms also organize parties and charitable events to help the needy and at the same time, to mingle with their fellow KPop fans. Through this, it can be observed that Filipinos form these groups so that they can socialize with other people who also have the same inclinations, as demonstrated by the subculture of KPop fans, in the country, flamed by activities of fandoms. More than a recreation and hobby, for KPop fans, it is their happiness and fulfillment to support their idols. Through a brief research, it has been observed that the Korean wave is popular among many Filipino teenagers because it offers a fresh cultural aspect, encourages self-expression and serves as a psychological and social urgency. Significance of the Study This study was done primarily because of the researcher’s own interest in the subject matter. She was surprised to observe that the Korean Wave already established its name globally for only a short span of time. While she has her personal views and
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