Korean Relations And Reunification Of Korea Essay

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Inter-Korean Relations and Reunification of Korea Even though Korea is separated for seventy years, Korean people seem to be getting used to the fact that their country is divided in half. Maybe that’s because Koreans cannot feel separation in everyday lives. However, due to the division of South and North Korea, both countries are spending needless and considerable amount of money on military expenditures, which is all burdens for the citizens in both countries. Also, due to the poor status of North Korea’s economy, various aids are done for the starving North Koreans, by South Korea, the US, the United Nations, etc. Many scholars and economists have sought to find solutions for both countries, but no clear solutions have submerged. Even if both Koreas reunified, the associated cost are expected to be trillion dollars (Harlan). Still, it would be best to reunify one day as soon as possible through frequent talks and negotiations between two Koreas, in order to eliminate the expenses that are continuously incurred by the division of two Koreas. After the end of WWII in 1945, Korea 's division was marked by the US and Soviet occupation of the 38th parallel. Based on the 5.10 South Korean general election held under the auspices of UNTCOK in 1948, the Republic of Korea was established on the 15th of August on the South side of the 38th parallel. On September 9th of the same year, based on the People 's Committee of North Korea, the Democratic People 's Republic of

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